About Us

Hālau Hula O Noelani, under direction of Kumu Hula Samantha Noelani Weaver-Aguon, is located in Los Alamitos, California. As a school of hula, Hālau Hula O Noelani’s intent is to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture through the art of hula, Hawaiian language, as well as through the making of Hawaiian crafts. The hālau is not only a place to come and learn how to dance hula, it is also a place to get together with others interested in the Hawaiian culture and to share. As Kumu Sam says – “You don’t have to be born Hawaiian, or have lived in Hawai’i, to be able to dance hula or be Hawaiian. Being Hawaiian is a way of life, the way we live in accordance with nature around us. Come with open minds and hearts, and we will do our best to share what being Hawaiian is.”

Kumu Sam underwent Uniki, or graduation, under Sissy Lilinoe Kaio who is Kumu of Hula Hālau O Lilinoe/Na Pua Me Kealoha. As a hula practitioner of some twenty-nine years, Kumu Sam shares her wealth of knowledge gleaned from dancing with Hula Hālau O Lilinoe as well as the gems of knowledge gained from attended multiple workshops and seminars with such renowned Kumu Hula as Aunty Pua Kanaka’ole Kanahele and Aunty Nalani Kanaka’ole Zane of Hālau O Kekuhi, Aunty Noenoelani Zuttermeister, and Hula Master Uncle George Na’ope. Samantha also has, for the last several years, been a part of the off-shoot of Unukupukupu under Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō of Hawaii Community College, being taught by Pele Kaio as well as Annette Lilinoe Kaio. Kumu Sam and her family are known in the Hawaiian Community of Southern California through their longtime participation in Ho’olaule’a and Aloha Expo as well as through their membership and participation with various civic clubs in Orange County, California.