Continued Growth

Here is the first feedback from one of our makuahine.  Mahalo nui Auntie!

“Competition…a personal challenge really.  How much we worked on and presented is really the personal measure of one’s self.   Kumukahi  was wonderful. Kumu Sam provided an opportunity that helped me feel what hula is all about. The makana of giving your mele to all who watch is joyful to me because whether they know the language or not, I feel what flows from within is received.  I feel like I am growing more and more with all the things we learn and craft by hand. To hear our Halau’s name called at award time was fantastic. The elation, the to continue on to E Hula Mau was a wonderful way to continue to immerse myself in the language and art of it all. When I got the program with Uncle George’s picture on it gave me chills. He was my first Kumu and I felt like it was full circle. Kumu Sam used the most beautiful flowers and watching her put it on our hair was special. Her touch on all of us is as sweet as the petals she uses.  The leis, cards, support, food runs, kokuas, really made it uniquely special. The makana lei from Sam at the end of it all jerked a tear. All the special touches that bind us…that is truly a part of hula!”

~Auntie Cynthia W.

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