Feedback From Haumana

Aloha Kākou!

In effort to get some first person stories from our haumana, the next few posts will be a little different than my prior ones as I will be posting some of the haumana stories who went to competition this past August.  This includes everyone from dancers to kokua (helpers).  To start off, our head kokua, Sachi, shares her experience at the Kumukahi Hula Festival…

    “Kumukahi was a great trip! From the time we boarded on the bus till we came home. It was great fun. Granted I’m just a kokua and not nearly under the pressure of being a dancer so I got to reconnect with my hula sister from way back and bond some more with my other hula sisters that I’ve only known for a couple of years.  Thankfully my roomie didn’t come back at 3am this time but we actually got to talk like we haven’t been able to in for years. So that was really nice. The experience of being in the background or behind the scene is perfect for me. I enjoy helping everyone get what they need on or fixing this or that. Now if I can just whip out the flower adornments like Aunty Sam that would be great! Then I’d feel like I’m really contributing. Probably the one favorite moment was when they all needed to braid hair and everyone was there! No questions asked and even if you weren’t braiding those people were still there for moral support. I love that sense of togetherness and helping each other no matter how and even if we’re exhausted hungry sleepy or whatever.. there was no complaining. Well you was just great. I’m feeling very fortunate to be a part of it all.”

~Sachi J.

Mahalo Sach!


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