A final thought…

To complete the various feedback from our competitions this past August, we end with our makuahine soloist Suzanne.

Suzanne     “Mahalo nui loa to my Kumu Sam, Sharna and hula ohana for an amazing and unforgettable experience at Kumukahi and E Hula Mau. Mahalo also to the parents who fed us and family and friends who gave their time to support us in our fundraisers and attend the competitions.

     Kumukahi was my first hula competition and it was memorable from the bus ride up to Las Vegas as we tried not to get wet from the leaky air conditioning unit to the announcement that our halau received the Kumukahi Spirit award. We left Las Vegas with three awards. Yahoo!!

     E Hula Mau was a more structured and technical hula completion from Kumukahi with a less relaxed atmosphere. Not only did I compete with my hula sisters but I was a Makuahine soloist. I was nervous but I enjoyed every moment. I am grateful that Sam and Sharna had confidence in me to represent the halau. I felt beautiful and blessed with all the love everyone gave. From my Kumu’s words of encouragement, to the beautiful singing and music from the band, to the warm hugs, leis, cards and gifts. Mahalo to everyone for making me feel special.

      The road to competition was not easy. At times it was challenging physically, mentally and emotionally but in the end it was very rewarding and I am proud of all who competed. Not only did our halau leave both competitions with awards, but we grew stronger as a halau ohana. We practiced together, ate together, helped each other, ate again together, laughed and cried together and once again ate together. Even when exhaustion set in everyone supported one another as best they could. It was wonderful to see the different generations work together to either help make the leis and ti leaf skirts or get dressed. The competitions brought me closer to my daughter and our bond stronger than before. She is my inspiration to keep on dancing and I am grateful she loves hula just as much as I do.

     Once again, mahalo to all for a wonderful experience.”

~Suzanne O.

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