Perfect word for the Olympics!

Pā.ʻani  – Play, sport, game, amusement, joke; joking, playing, amusing, playful; to play, sport. Pāʻani kinipōpō, to play ball; ballplayer. Pāʻani pepa, to play cards. Mea pāʻani, toy, plaything. Pāʻani hewa, foul. Pāʻani lapa, frolic. Cf. hoʻokani, to play music. hoʻo.pā.ʻani To make sport, cause to play, joke, playful. He mea hoʻopāʻani, a game.

It’s awesome to watch the Olympics where people from all over the world come together to pāʻani.  It is also incredible to see the amazing sportsmanship between the competitors, congratulating each other, helping each other up and so forth. This reminds me of a mele written by Kumu Hula Chinky Mahoe that got him first place honors in the “Olympics of Hula”, the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo, HI.  The mele is entitled “Mea Pāʻani Kinipōpō” which he wrote to celebrate the athletics of UH Mānoa. To the competitors of this summer’s Olympics – Congrats to those who have won medals, and good luck to those still in the running! Go USA!

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