‘Uli ‘uli Workshop 2013

Yesterday was an amazing day at the hālau. Kumu Sam brought all of her haumana together for a workshop to make ‘uli ‘uli (Hawaiian rattle implement) for this year’s kahiko (ancient hula) performances. No age was too young in the making of the ‘uli, even our keiki li’ili’i (babies) class was involved in making their own! It was a beautiful sight to see hula brothers and sisters assisting each other, and especially a wonderful thing to see families working together – kupuna (grandparent) with mo’opuna (grandchild) & makua (parent) with keiki (child). Kumu Sam and her team of instructors continue to make an effort to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture here in California by passing on not just the hula and mele (dances and chants/songs), but also by sharing the arts and crafts of Hawai’i here in their little corner of Los Alamitos! Stop by our “Photos” page to check out some pictures from the workshop!

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